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Chess Strike's Coaching on Chesscube


Now, you have got the opportunity to learn chess from a chess coach or teach chess to a student.
So now, we need some chess coaches who can teach chess to the students.You can teach the students at levels of new to chess, beginners, intermediate, advanced level.


1) New to Chess

Student's Eligibility - New to Chess ( Do not know the basic rules )
Coach's Eligibility - Should be an intermediate or advanced level player

New to Chess level is for those who do not know to play chess and how the pieces moves.So some coaches can teach only this set of students.


2) Beginners

Student's Eligibility - Unrated ( Should not have FIDE rating )
Coach's Eligibility - Should be an intermediate level player

Beginners are those who know how to play chess and how the pieces moves, and also the basic rules of chess.The basic rules includes the movement of pieces, castling, etc..In other words, we can say - They know the rules of chess.


3) Intermediate

Student's Eligibility - Unrated and FIDE rating less then 1300
Coach's Eligibitlity - Should be an advanced level player

This level players are better than beginner level.But these players are not advanced chess players.Normally, these players lack in understanding of chess, play passively and lack in combinations (attack).


4) Advanced

Student's Eligibility - FIDE rating 1400 to 1750
Coach's Eligibility - FIDE rating greater than 2000

This level players are better than intermediate players.They are weak when compared to expert level or FIDE rated greater than 2000.So the coach for this players should have a FIDE rating greater than 2000.


So if you are interested in learning chess or Teaching chess, and if you are eligible to any of the above level ( whether you are a coach or student ), then you can choose your level and send an E-mail to - [email protected]


You can teach or learn chess in chesscube.Chesscube is an online playing chess website.It has more than 10,000 registered users and it is a popular chess website in the world.

If you are not a member on chesscube, you can register for free by clicking here
Whether, you are a coach or a student, you must have a chesscube account.

Click here for some basic FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions ) of chesscube.

Click here to know about how to teach on chesscube and how does it work.

For teaching others, you must be logged to chesscube with this link > and you have to be a VIP member in chesscube.

Click here to know about the VIP membership.

NOTE FOR THE COACHES : You should send me the details of the charges you are going to make for the coaching session.

If you need any help, you can send an E-mail to - [email protected]

Thank you!
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