Rating on CC of FM, IM, GM




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Rating on CC of FM, IM, GM

Hello, fellow chess players.

I am curious what is the average rating here on CC for

please if you possess one of this titles and don't mind showing other people that you are FM, IM, GM
write down your rating and title.

I am asking other people who doesn't have title, not to spoil the idea.



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Re: Rating on CC of FM, IM, GM

Its Above 2700,I know many 1600-1900 players who are placed between 2400-2700,mostly titled guys have 2800+,i know few IMs one is sticked to 2800 base and another keeps hanging between 2800-3000 and others in this range,also experienced online players or title players even stick sometimes to 3000,,its not always true 3000 rated is titled even practice of bullet can lean that

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