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transforming chess books diagrams to chess notation

Hello dear chess friends.

As all people here are impassioned for chess, I hope to find here your support.
After studying machine learning and image recognition and doing a few of toy projects I decided to write a service for transforming images from the chess books to a chess board presentation. ( ... ion_(chess))

Basically what I am going to do - is to automatically get the position of the pieces on the board from a picture.
But for such work I need a lot of the examples.
For this reason I ask you for help.
If you have a little bit of time and want to help a project and later make your life and lives of other people easier while learning how to play chess - please submit your pictures (better in *.png format in archive) to my email address:

[email protected]

The size, colormap of the images does not matter..
Thanks for your help
chess diagram
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example of image
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