What obstructs 95% of players? (part-2)




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What obstructs 95% of players? (part-2)

Hello friends,

So our GM Igor Smirnov continues his post on "What obstructs 95% of players?" with his second part!

Here it is......
In the previous issue we been talked about the typical problems many chess players have. You may want to refer to the previous issue here: LINK
In short, people read A LOT of chess books, but the benefit is MARGINAL at best. Why does this happen?
I’ll tell you something seemingly easy, yet it will have a tremendous effect!
There is a HUGE (I mean extremely HUGE) difference between reading andstudying. Unfortunately most players don’t fully understand this, so let me explain this difference in detail:

read more......
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Re: What obstructs 95% of players? (part-2)

nice post.+1 Useful

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