Stuck at ~1350




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Stuck at ~1350

Sorry if there is a better place to do this. I have been playing fairly regularly at CC on a free account. But I seem to have hit a wall, and I can't really make any progression. Do any long time chess players have any specific tips for a novice like myself. I have been occasionally playing chess for a long time but I only recently have been doing it on a regular basis. I am a careless player as well and often miss that my piece may only be defended 3 times but attacked 4 e.c.t.

Anyway sorry to ramble.



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Re: Stuck at ~1350

just a matter of time and experience. Experience is all what counts in chess, its nothing else then pattern recognition... At your level you will soon make a big increase. What helped me in the beginning most, was to do a short (invest 10 min. thats enough) analysis of my past games with a chess software to find out where I did go wrong.



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Re: Stuck at ~1350

have a look at these :
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Some openings and Games of famous players:-

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Re: Stuck at ~1350

playy more u will learn no one is expert at begggining .............failure is the stepping stone of sucess

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