square of the pawn




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square of the pawn


This website shows that the endgame technique known as the square of the pwawn is not necessarily as straightforward as it seems. Some examples are shown where the winning tactic requires out of the box thinking :violin: :think:


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Re: square of the pawn

Hello geese,

It is quite a funny way of using squares and a tricky one, thanks a lot for the pawn endgame. It feels useful.



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Re: square of the pawn

very nice i enjoyed it


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Re: square of the pawn

very funny, my favorite part is when at 7.30 it says "dont take the pawn you greedy [email protected]#*!" :-d

However the famous draw in the study by Reti is missing here [Event "?"]

[FEN "7K/8/k1P5/7p/8/8/8/8 w - - 0 0"]
[PlyCount "0"]

White to move and draw. The paradox lays in the fact that while the Black king is inside the square of the c pawn, White's king needs 3 moves to reach the h pawn, still...it's a draw!!!
Yes, I really love the endgame!



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Re: square of the pawn

This is a very funny and very awesome endgame video. It made me squeeze my brain in order to find the correct moves.
Endgames really make juice out of my brains. :)

The last one caught me. I didn't see the checkmate and then I played the video as if a4 was the right move, but then I messed up. What a wonderful lesson!

Thanks for the video pal! Simple and strict to the point.
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