King's Indian Defense: Fianchetto Variation.




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King's Indian Defense: Fianchetto Variation.

The Fianchetto Variation 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nf3 Bc7 4.g3 0-0 5.Bg2 d6 6.0-0, is named for White's development for his light squared bishop to g2, and is one of the most popular lines at the grandmaster level, with Korchnoi once its most notable practitioner.
This method of development is on completely different lines than other King's Indian variations. Here, Black's normal plan of attack will barely succed, as White's kingside is more heavily defended than most King Indian Defense variations. Here are the most common variations:
6. Nbd7 ... with 8.exd4.... Now Black is intending to claim the middle with e7-e5. .... 7. Nc3 e5 8. e4 exd4 9. Nxd4 Re8 10. h3 ...a6!!!..
:violin: :violin: Now with the move a6 you can now see the plan Black has. Preparations have been already been made for 11. Rb8 with c7-c5 and also b7-b5, and maybe sometimes with a Ne4 first. This has been known and called the Fianchetto Variation or Gallagher Variation.
- Some alternatives are as follows: 8...c6 8...a6
There are other alternatives.. but the first two are the most effective ones..
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Re: King's Indian Defense: Fianchetto Variation.

I believe Bc7 is impossible after white goes Nf3, assuming the first two moves are exactly as you wrote them. Comments?

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