Free Chess PDF - The Opening Stage for beginners




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Free Chess PDF - The Opening Stage for beginners

Hello friends


I have recently created a chess PDF on the opening stage in a chess game.The PDF will be helpful especially for beginners as it contains how to play in the opening stage and the basic opening principles and with some instructive examples.The examples are easily understandable for the beginners.So, the beginners should not miss this chance to learn how to play on the opening stage.You can get this PDF by making 5 steps which will cost nothing (FREE).

I have explained about the 5 steps in the video but anyway here it is :

1) Subscribe the Chess Strike youtube channel (this channel) : http://www.youtube.com/ChessStrike1

2) "Like" the Chess Strike facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/ChessStrike

3) "Follow" Chess Strike on Twitter : https://twitter.com/chessstrike

4) Favorite this youtube video.This will help me getting more views for the video and many beginners will get this.

5) Send an Email to [email protected] saying that you have done the above 4 steps.You have to give me the details like your youtube username, facebook username and twitter username.

After doing these 5 steps, the PDF will be mailed to you.I hope this idea is good.If this works well I will make some other PDFs and give it to you in this method.

If you could, also please thumbs up this video and feel free to leave comments.For suggestions, feedback, support, please send an Email to [email protected]

Blog : http://chessstrike.blogspot.com/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/ChessStrike
Twitter : https://twitter.com/chessstrike

Thank you!
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Re: Free Chess PDF - The Opening Stage for beginners

Nice John :clap:

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