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Best game from the Baku Chess Olympiad

fter a dramatic last round, the United States of America won their first Olympic gold medal since 1976. The Ukrainian team played a fantastic tournament and managed to beat Slovenia in the last round, but this was only good enough for the silver. Both teams scored 20 points but the USΑ had the better tie-break criteria. The Russian team managed to win bronze only, despite the fact that they were the favourites for gold.

The 42nd Chess Olympiad started in Baku on 2 September and has been the biggest sporting event ever held in Azerbaijan. This competition brought together 181 teams in the Open section and 142 teams in the Women’s section, representing a total of 175 countries. This is a record figure in the history of all Olympiads.

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The best game of the Olympiad took place in the 8th round between Jobava and Ponomariov. White happily sacrifices his knight on the f5 square in order to capture the bishop on e7. Black accepts the temporary sacrifice because, after the moves15.Nf5 exf5 16.Rxe7 Be6, we reach the position seen below.

White to play

It seems that the rook is trapped on e7 and Black can threaten it in different ways, like Kf8, Qd8 or Nc6. So Black can be happy with this position.

What do you think? Is the rook on e7 trapped or does White have a specific tactical resource here? Can you work out the next move for White?

After calculating all possible variations, you may check the whole game here.

P.S. What was your favourite part of the Baku Chess Olympiad? Who is your favourite player or team? :) Feel free to comment and discuss below. :think: :clap: :doh:


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