Ways to ACTUALLY improve?




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Ways to ACTUALLY improve?

I watch so many videos and read so much advice and stuff on chess, but when I play it's like I'm staring into a void. It doesn't help that somebody sorta got me discouraged and frustrated today when they said I was a "low IQ player" since my rating is 1300. Are there any videos/books that ACTUALLY help you improve? Nothing is seeming to work, I'm not improving at all.



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Re: Ways to ACTUALLY improve?

There definitely are tricks and tips to play a better chess, but I think eat good food breathe clean air and drink lots of water , these simple habits ill detoxify your body and keep you healthy and mind fresh and fit to absorb more .

Well nowadays there are many tricks to clean water and also to clean the Air we Breathe .
Amongst all , the Best Air Purifier does the reall work that will filter out all the bad smells and stuff that comes into our homes. I think That's enough to have one isn't it

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