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Example on skewer chess

The aim of the Skewer Attack is to threaten a more-valuable piece into moving, so you can capture a less-valuable piece, which is in a direct line, behind the piece being attacked at the front.

Skewer attacks come in two ways:

1. Relative, where the forward piece being attacked is in a direct line, infront of a lesser-valued piece. The forward piece could be a Rook, the rear piece a Bishop - in this case, the Rook is more valuable, so it's most likely the Bishop that would be sacrificed.

2. Absolute, where the forward piece being attacked is the enemy King. It would be in "Check" and so would have to be moved. By moving, it uncovers a piece in a straight line behind, which will be captured. The best type of Absolute Skewer is where the Queen is directly behind the King.

Skewer Attacks are performed by any of the three long-range pieces, be it the:

* Bishop
* Rook
* (or) Queen

example # 1

[FEN "1kb1r3/ppp2p1n/8/8/8/5RP1/5PKP/3B4 w - - 0 0"]
1. Ba4 Re4 2. Bc2 *
{This example begins with White's Bishop attacking Black's Rook, from a4 ...

Black thinks his Rook is safe enough to counter-attack White's Bishop, from e4 ...

Black's mistake is putting the Rook on a diagonal path with his h7 Knight, while on the same coloured-squares as White's Bishop.

White spots the opportunity for a Bishop Skewer Attack, at c2. }

example # 2

[FEN "6r1/8/3k4/P4n2/K3p1p1/8/1P6/3B2B1 w - - 0 0"]
1. Bh2+ Kd5 2. Bb3+ *
{In this example, White uses his g1 Bishop to "Check" Black's King, from h2 ...

Black moves the threatened King onto the white square of d5, possibly hoping to help protect one of the remaining Pawns, for its attempt at Promotion.

However, White has spotted that the King is on a direct, diagonal path with his g8 Rook ... It's a chance for a Bishop Skewer Attack, from b3. }

example # 3

[FEN "1kb2n2/p1p5/1p5p/P5p1/8/R7/5PPP/6K1 b - - 0 0"]
1... Bf5 2. Rf3 *

{In this example, Black moves his Bishop to f5 ... an error that plays into the strengths of White's Rook, which can attack from range along the horizontal and vertical lines.

White sees its opportunity for a Rook Skewer Attack, at f3.

And now, this is a bit of a 50:50 call for Black ... Both the Knight and Bishop are equal, in terms of relative value, so which one would be better saved? }

example # 4

[FEN "5n2/8/3P2k1/P5p1/1K6/3R4/8/8 b - - 0 0"]
1... Kf5 2. Rf3+ *

{In this example, Black's under the cosh a bit and, for the sake of this scenario, he moves the King to f5, which is in on a direct path with the Knight, at f8 ...

Rather conveniently, this allows White to make a Rook Skewer Attack, at f3. }

example # 5

[FEN "r4bk1/3n1ppp/8/1p5r/2n4Q/8/5PPP/5RK1 b - - 0 0"]
1... Rd5 2. Qe4 *

{With this example, Black attempts to avoid his Rook being captured, by White's Queen, by moving the Rook to d5 ...

Unfortunately, this puts the Rook on the diagonal line with the other Rook, at a8.

White spots the opportunity for a Queen Skewer Attack, at e4 ... It appears Black must choose which Rook will be sacrificed ...

However, if the player is observant enough, he can save both Rooks, by moving his d7 Knight, to f6. This will protect the Rook at d5, which will allow it to remain in place, to protect the Rook at a8. }

example # 6

[FEN "8/3k4/6p1/1p6/2n1q3/8/5PPP/Q4RK1 b - - 0 0"]
1... Kc6 2. Qa8+ *

{In this example, Black moves his King to c6 ... Unfortunately, this places it on a diagonal path with his Queen.

White spots the opportunity for a Queen Skewer Attack, at a8.

This move puts Black's King in Check; it must Absolutely move to escape the threat, but by doing so, White's Queen will go down and capture Black's Queen, at d4. }


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Re: Example on skewer chess

i use pin and skewer tactics some times!!those are great (A)
it is not a move ,even the best move ,that you must seek ,but a realizable plan.....(chess proverb)

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