New User Free Cubits to watch Video




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New User Free Cubits to watch Video

Hi everyone...
Ever since I joined chess cube, I see a tag on the top that suggests me to get FREE cubits for playing a tournament, watch a streaming video, play a rated game, etc... So till now, I have earned almost everything except 1.

i.e. Watch a streaming video now to get 10 cubits. But whenever I click on the link, I get redirected to STORE & then I can't watch any video as it asks for around 1500 cubits or so for 7 days. I don't understand how to get those 10 cubits.



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Re: New User Free Cubits to watch Video

I'll get back to you on this.



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Re: New User Free Cubits to watch Video

I see this is an old thread, but I'm having the same issue as the OP....any suggestions?



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Re: New User Free Cubits to watch Video

While awaiting DarkBastion's reply, I'd remark that the videos appear to have increased in price (at least, there are no longer two or three 5 cubit ones, the minimum's 50 cubits when I checked yesterday). So, there's not much incentive other than 'clearing' off the newbie top toolbar to renting a video.

You ought to be able to now pay 50 cubits to rent one for a week, and that should suffice (no need to actually watch it, at least there was none for me when I went through this). If you really like any of the cc videos, you can also purchase them for viewing using the site's chesscube cinema software. For more direct help, you're always free to email [email protected], or, use the game mode's site feedback ("?" lower left corner, choose Feedback / Help needed).

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