ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO




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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

I cannot. I cannot agree with tchitcherine or chcitchatrine ?
The same as previous users, I feel morally obliged to state that your reasoning is flawed.

The most flawed is the playchess free. No, it is not free. You are given a trial. A month and if I am wrong, correct me.
Even during the trial, we cannot chat with other players and send message.

I have seen many free chess sites or the free features are not good and not improving such as chessjam. Experiencing chess there is so horrible, except the social things. Hi there hi here. Some chats, become friends, group, etc. However, it is fue to the small user base that we know each other too well. It is even plagued with engines accusation.

Here in CC, I feel better, safer. The interface is slick and bright. The movement is smooth, especially without animation.
Even the default sound of taking pieces is enjoyable.

What CC lacks is mobile apps.
People play chess in their free time. Most of them is spent on the road.
Those who can purchase the mobile phones required to play the app is more than qualified and willing to pay. Thats why one of CC's competitor has it on Iphone and Ipad. It would be better in new Windows phone 7 using silverlight since CC can leverage its ability to give users the same experince mobile and desktop. Android gives more exposure to different classes of people.

What I haven't seen from paying chess sites is the PDF literatures. I would like to see it here. CC can have special different watermark for different books commissioned to different people.

And why not the best games list to be seen and downloaded ? From what I have seen the best games are for 2000+ rated players only. I would be good if there is segmentation (range) so users can associate with those closer.
Final verdict : CC is on the right direction. When I first felt it today, I know CC is set to brighter future. It does not stop improving.



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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

I suggest that subscription fee is a flat USD 20- per year for unlimited play,the 10 cubits tax on each game is a bad idea.I have played 2 years on the Europe-Echecs site for about USd 40- /year and i think their idea to let guests play free but their games are not rated is the right one.A low annual fee will allow Chesscube to retain a crtical mass of players that will make paying members find a game partner easily.
i agree that CC has the best chess interface to play games online.



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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

I am the biggest Fan :dance: :dance: :dance: I have almost gifted 70+ VIPs to friends here in chesscube :dance: :dance: :dance:



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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

Nothing can be further from the truth, chesscube is from the best site to play chess online. Therefore, it is undoubtedly high to talk more polite than that since those people who talk too much in impolie way play rated and unrated games till they tired.
Now i need to give the reply to the CEO, a wide range of people do enjoy the site due to its fascinating serveses. so i propose and recommend that you see another ideo as to increase the income (cost). As to not deprive those people from your interesting site.



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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

1. There is no logic in distracting players with ads that blink on and off during their games. At that point they are not likely to be thinking about buying stuff, are they? You are simply lowering the quality of the playing experience.

2. As many others have said, what is the rationale for offering sounds, music and background images? Chess players are not interested in toys - these offers are actually insulting to us all and reduce us to the level of natives in the jungle being in awe of missionaries arriving with shiny trinkets.

3. I've been here awhile and I still don't understand the connection between Crowns and Cubits - not do I want to explore the issue. Just offer a yearly membership in dollars, money prizes for tourneys which have strict rating ranges etc. People want to come here to have a quick fight or two and then get back to work. Let's keep it that way.

4. Quit the corporate mentality stuff eg the CEO title. I object to being called a VIP for no good reason and am reluctant to join until you call me a 'member'. I'm beginning to feel that I'm being asked to join some sort of touchy feely PC focus group. Do please knock it off. We are all just chess players - remember? We are not 'product'.

5. We are not 'mass market product'. Stop treating us like mindless consumers. Thank you. The site has provided me with lots of fun. I already pay real money as a member of two other chess sites. If and when you stop with the the above silliness I will join ChessCube too. I've already blogged about you favourably at "Celebrate Chess".



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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

I agree with mr_toad.



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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

I think I understand the site from a free member's viewpoint: We can play a few games here each day, then we've used up our quota of 'cubits'.

We can play more games here if we Gamble or enter Tournaments, or buy memberships. That sound about right?




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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

what happened in my chesscube account ? i try to play the chess in chesscube but when i seek for the opponent the display is empty ( plain ) and i can't find any oppenent to play with me.also when i click wacth to see the top player playing the chess is the samething happening with me.the display also plain.pls give advise.thanks



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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO


Try refreshing your browser, or try a different browser.




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Re: ChessCube Update: A message from the CEO

Hey Bryan,

Have you ever thought of creating an iPad app and charging $2.99 - $4.99 (at most) for it?

I'm sure, if the interface is properly replicated, that it would attract quite a few buyers.

Especially if it makes the "app of the week" page, which it most likely will.

I would definitely purchase it. It's so much easier pulling out my iPad than having to turn on my computer just for chess.

Definitely something to think about (if your looking for that added source of revenue)

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