ChessCube V5.40 & V5.41 Change Log



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ChessCube V5.40 & V5.41 Change Log

Rating floors
Information on rating floors can be found here.

In-chat messages for users banned for cheating
As of this release, we will display (name and shame) users that have been banned for cheating in the form of system messages across our chat rooms.

Minor bug fixed to V5.40

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Re: ChessCube V5.40 & V5.41 Change Log

yeah! great idea! thanks chesscube:)


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Re: ChessCube V5.40 & V5.41 Change Log

I hope I'm asking at the right place.

If I'm not mistaken there's already a new version of CC..
and it seems I can't find the change log for it.. is there such?



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Hey im new here.

Nice to meet everyone!
Hope you all have a good day

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