ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads



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ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

Hi all,

With the release of ChessCube V6.16, we have launched an in-game ad platform which will intermittently be displayed during games for non-VIP users. At the time of our Cubit policy change a few weeks ago - the feedback we received from most users was to consider in-application advertising.

While we are reluctant to offer ads, we need to do this in order to generate revenue and it is limited to non-paying customers. We will always be monitoring ad and Cubit revenue and will make adjustments to the ad and cubit features as business conditions permit, including ad placement and frequency, and giving away more free Cubits daily.

For non-VIP players and spectators in a game, this is how the ads will automatically be displayed:


You can return to the Game tab at any time by clicking on the "Return to Game Tab" link:


VIP users will not have ads automatically displayed, however you can may still click the "Ads" tab to see what's new =D.




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Re: ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

i like it



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Re: ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

i dont see how advertising chesscube to already chesscube users would help


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Re: ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

quadriple wrote:i dont see how advertising chesscube to already chesscube users would help

Well, phrased like that you would be correct, but:
  • We are not advertising ChessCube to ChessCube users. The current ads are for an offsite campaign that attempts to gather data on chess players (ChessCube users or not)
  • We will have other 3rd party ads
  • If we do advertise ChessCube, it will be for membership or other add-ons that users can get



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Re: ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

I think those who complain against this idea they dont see the other side ,cause if they cant buy vip ,then the success of that idea will enable them from getting more free daily cubits,and the money would solve lots of problem like lag or tournaments,....etc
I love that idea so much :dance: :clap:



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Re: ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

Hi Guys,

Advertising has huge revenue potential, so cannot be ignored.

I am just campaigning for the positioning of the adds. They shouldnt pop ups and cover chat or moves. I can see some players are not figuring out how to click back on the chat tabs.

What about having sponsors to chatrooms? There is a lot of unused space there people wont mind being used?

or have the board say this game is brought to you by "blue cow" for 2 seconds while it loads, then returns to the game.

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Re: ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

sweetney i will agree with u and chesscube can use cubecafe or indian room background,,instead of that black color they can paste any logos(ads) whose colours wont match to chat colour)



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Re: ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

what is the current ads ? I want to see it to purchase tournament chessets.



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Re: ChessCube V6.16 - In game ads

nice idea :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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