ChessCube V6.17 Change log



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Re: ChessCube V6.17 Change log

Regarding the retroactive awarding of previous levels:

- It is simply impossible for ChessCube to retroactively award over 1 million with those all level awards in the short time this version was released. The script would take days to run, and would put HUGE load on our servers, which in turn would cause a rocky site with slow and laggy games/chat/tournaments.
- No-one is remotely close to level 285 - which means there is still loads for you to unlock. For those complaining about not receiving previous awards, you did not have anything to begin with anyway. It's not as if you would've received those rewards in the old system.

Instead of moaning about what should have been, please consider the good in the change. Users have asked day after day for an updated level system, and we've been working on it for a long, long time - keep this in mind before finding flaws in the system.

As mentioned above, we simply cannot go back and reward all users.

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Re: ChessCube V6.17 Change log

thnx for information


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Re: ChessCube V6.17 Change log

To those who are complaining about not retroactively awarding users: we reserve the right to enhance, change or even remove features or functionality over time. As long as we communicate and explain the changes where necessary, and you are getting what you paid for (as far as reasonably possible), then talking about "fairness" is silly.

In business, new versions, models, or editions are released without having to compensate users of the older product. Even time-based promotions (e.g. someone buying VIP for $30 and then someone else buying it for $25 10 minutes laters) can have no retroactive expectation - unless the user was somehow tricked with misinformation, which is not the case.

Basically things change; in this particular case, the level system was badly in need of an overhaul. We believe that the new system makes gaining XP and moving up levels far more appealing for users now, even if a few have "missed out" on some rewards as a consequence: under the old system those users would not have ever received some items like VIP anyway - at least in this new one, they can aim for that as a goal.



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Re: ChessCube V6.17 Change log

Sorry Sean I didn't realize that you couldn't just give the rewards because it'd put stress on your servers. While I'm here though, may I suggest that you guys split the ratings (bullet, blitz, standard, 960) and also make bughouse? I think they'd be really cool editions which would make chess a lot more fun on CC.

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