ChessCube V6.03 Change Log



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ChessCube V6.03 Change Log

* Top Bar update animations for Cubits/Crowns/Rating and XP
* The My Stats rating graph can now open the game directly
* Message bar can now be hidden when playing game
* Added a preference for whether a user wants to hide the message bar while playing a game
* Fixed a bug that dropped the message bar when playing a game and receiving a private message
* Insight tab has now been completely removed
* New wagered cubit stakes (1000 and 2000) (Level 10 required for 1000 wagering, level 15 required for 2000)




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Re: ChessCube V6.03 Change Log

Well. The insight function would be great to have actually (it never worked properly up to now, though).


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Re: ChessCube V6.03 Change Log

Sean wrote:* The My Stats rating graph can now open the game directly

ooohhh.. thanks CC for this one. I always think of having this feature in CC, thought it's a great help for those who study their own games. :]

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