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ChessCube Tour for V6

How to find a Tournament:
- Click on the Tournaments button to open the tournaments panel.
- The Tournament panel displays the current and upcoming Tournaments and shows detailed information on each one.
- Click on a Tournament in the list to open its lobby.

Enter and play in a tournament:
- Once you've found a tournament, click on the big blue 'Enter Now' button in the top right to enter.
- When the tournament starts games will open automatically for you to play.
- You can also invite friends to the tournament with the "Invite Friends" button.

Keep track of the tournament:
- Follow your progress in the tournament by using the yellow tabs. View the standings by clicking on “Leaders”, or watch the Tournament games by clicking on “Games”.


How to find a game:
- Click on the play button to select what type of game you want to play. By default, you will see the seek list, however you switch to a graph view by clicking on the “Graph” tab. Edit your game preferences. When you're done click 'seek'.

How to challenge a player:
- You will see potential opponents who closely match your settings. Click on the opponent you want to challenge.
- 'Quick Match' will automatically match you with an opponent, and start the game.

Game controls:
- During the game you have the ability to offer a draw, resign, abort in the first two moves, take-back, flip the board or copy the moves to your clipboard.
- After the game you can offer to have a rematch against your opponent.


Watch a live game:
- You can easily watch a game by clicking on the Watch button.
- You can also see a list of live games by clicking on the tab 'Live Games' when you are in chat rooms.


View the leader boards:
- Select the leader board you would like to view. You can also display hourly, daily, weekly and monthly leader boards per type.
- You can also choose to have the leader board display the top results for your friends only.


Add friends:
- You can quickly add friends by clicking on the Friends button, then ‘Find Friends’.

Filter friends:
- You can view how well you are doing against your friends by reordering your friends list.
- You can order by ‘General Rating', 'Tournament Rating', 'XP Level' or alphabetically.

Search friends:
- Click on the search icon to find friends.
- You can search friends by their name, username or email address.


Joining a room:
- Come say “hi” to your fellow Cubers! Click on the rooms icon to view a list of chat rooms. Join the room by clicking on it.


Go to the store:
- Click on the shopping cart icon, this will open the store.
- Browse through the items available through the categories.
- Click on the “Buy” button to purchase an item. The item you buy will be put in your inventory.


Profile Menu:
- Click on your avatar (picture icon) in the top right to open view your profile menu.
- Your profile menu contains your overview, inventory, stats and past games, and the log out button.

Edit Profile:
- Here you can upload a new avatar and edit your details

Edit Settings:
- Here you can edit your ChessCube settings

View inventory:
- This is where you can track and use the items that you have bought in the store.

Game History:
- Here you can see a list of your past games.
- Click on a game to view it.

View stats:
- Track your performance as you play.


Cubits and Crowns:
- ChessCube has 2 currencies that you can use to play games, tournaments and buy items in the store.


Progress Bar:
- Complete the 6 tasks in the progress bar, and earn bonus Cubits! Once all tasks have been completed, the progress bar may be closed.

Experience Level:
- This shows what your current level is. The more games you play and tournaments that you compete in, the faster you’ll progress through the levels!

- General rating shows your rating level from games that you play.
- Playing in Tournaments affects your Tournament rating.


About the message bar:
- The message bar will keep up to date with all the news about your friends, top games, tournament information, and ChessCube offers and specials, and many more!

Closing the message bar:
- You may choose to close the message bar while playing a game or Tournament. To drop the message bar while playing, simply click the expand board button in the game. This setting will be remembered.
- ChessCube VIP members may permanently close the message bar.