ChessCube V6.34 Changelog



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ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

Hi Cubers!

Here's the changelog for ChessCube V6.34 going live today - February 13, 2014.

Summary of changes:
- Quick tour removed
- Change in XP/Level System
- User Levels displayed in chat rooms
- Playspan & Zong

- Quick tour removed:
* We've removed the Quick Tour function in ChessCube - as it was seriously outdated. We've now replaced it with a link to the forum here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5952

- Change in XP/Level System:
* We're now going beyond Level 300 - see how far you can get :).
* We've updated the XP/Level chart - here's the new link for information: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5962&p=44598

- User Levels displayed in chat rooms:
* We're also now displaying the level number for each user in the chat rooms.
* VIP's have their levels displayed in gold-shaded squares.
* Non-VIP users will have their usernames in level-specific colored circles.
* Users in rooms are now sorted as: Highest to lowest level VIP's, then, highest to lowest level non-VIP's
* If 2 users are on the same level - it will be sorted alphabetically.
* We've also removed the blue star from the XP bar towards the top of the application - to match your icon as it is in the rooms list.

The colors for non-VIP levels in rooms are as follows:
1-50 - Light blue
51-100 - Light green
101-150 - Light yellow
151-200 - Light red
201-250 - Light purple
251-300 - Dark blue
301-350 - Dark green
351-400 - Dark yellow
401-450 - Dark Red
451-500 - Dark Purple

- Playspan & Zong
* All issues with Playspan payments and Cubits/Crowns not being received has now been fixed.
* Zong mobile payments should now be working in most countries - as they've updated their list of carriers and countries able to be used on ChessCube.

Feedback is always welcome in the comments below.

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Re: ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

Great!! i like it



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Post Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:24 pm

Re: ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

(might be slightly off-topic) I'm told the admin who muzzled my game chat about a year ago has long since been banned herself. How may I go about becoming 'unmuzzled'?

Ready to join chesscube? Click: http://www.chesscube.com/register/?referrer=babasaheb

( Members have been blocked from seeing my Chat room, tourney Chat & game Chat since March 6, 2013 )



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Re: ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

Wow levels unto 500? OMG I need like freakin 5 billion xp more
:doh: :doh: :doh:



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Re: ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

:clap: :clap: :clap: :dance: :dance: :drool: :drool: :) :) :clap:



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Re: ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

Would you believe, 5 trillion more? (I really don't know but it would be something we could aim for if the amount were published).




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Re: ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

I like the system. It serves as a reputation thing and also you don't need to click on a user's name to get their info.



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Re: ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

I wanna ask if someone goes beyond level 500 then ? :naughty: :violence-plasma: :auto-sportbike:


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Re: ChessCube V6.34 Changelog

Great, I like it!
Rajarishi Karthi

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