Post Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:18 pm

ChessCube VIP & Premium packages combined and redefined!

Hi ChessCube!

This is an informational post regarding the changes to the ChessCube VIP and Premium packages.

As of today these two memberships have now been combined into one super VIP package.

Overview of the features/benefits of the new membership:
  • Preferential listing in rooms
  • Members-only badge & player card
  • Double XP multiplier
  • Weekly streaming videos, access to the last 5
  • Limited edition virtual goods
  • Exclusive tournament access
  • Audio/Video chat
  • Customized board colors
  • Preset take-back options
  • Full game history for all your games played
  • Advanced statistics on your games
  • Get your own games emailed to you in PGN format
  • Get access to all ChesssCube games played the previous day in PGN format
  • Receive a tournament report PGN via email
  • Access other user's game history
  • Access other user's game stats
There are 2 payment options:
Annual membership - 399 Crowns
1 month membership - 50 Crowns

All current VIP or Premium members will automatically receive access to the new VIP membership for the length of their existing membership.

To activate or extend your VIP membership, simply visit the in-application store on ChessCube, and click on the "Buy VIP" tab.

If you are unsure about anything, please seek out a Moderator in the Help room, or email [email protected]