Post Mon May 14, 2012 9:57 am

Weekend disruptions on ChessCube

Hi Cubers,

"Eventful" is one way to describe the past 48 hours for the ChessCube admin team. As you've seen (or even heard), a team of rogue ex-Moderators and previously banned users got their hands on some ChessCube Moderator accounts through account stealing and thought it would be fun to ban some ChessCube accounts, and send out rather disturbing system messages.

On behalf of the team at ChessCube, I apologize to you all for having to read these messages while online. As you already know - ChessCube does not tolerate any form of profanity or adult related material. We've banned all the users involved in this, and will be adding additional measures in the coming days to ensure that this does not occur again.

Just to be clear - there was no form of "hacking" going on. These rogue users were able to log in by simply sharing the passwords of the Moderator accounts. I have requested that Moderators keep their passwords secure and to themselves, and also to make them as hard to guess as possible.

So with the negative points of this past weekend now done and dusted, we now looking forward to the upcoming release of ChessCube V6.25, which I'm sure you will enjoy immensely!

Thanks and regards from us all..
-The ChessCube Team