Chess Cube Moderator "Damian"




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Chess Cube Moderator "Damian"

Chess cube moderator “Damian” seems to be gay-baiting in the Cube Café, making reference to a gay user as “playing butt darts.” I don’t see why Damian is a moderator if he wants to make hate speech against gays. There are a number of gay users on Chess Cube, and a moderator should be civil to ALL users. I have usually found moderators on chess cube to be fair and balanced, but “Damian” does not seem to be representative of the type of mod I’ve come to expect on Chess Cube. I don’t think it is much to ask that a moderator not make gratuitous derogatory comments about any user's sexuality. After all, mods cannot be blocked or ignored. We have to read what they say.


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Re: Chess Cube Moderator "Damian"

Hi Talapia,

I'll investigate this and will follow up with you.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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