Team 'A' vs Team 'B'




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Team 'A' vs Team 'B'

Team 'A' Vs. Team 'B'
a new game..and new rules..

Team "A" includes.. members who's name Start with

*A C E G I K M O Q S U W Y*

Team "B" Includes.. members who's name start with

*B D F H J L N P R T V X Z*


1. A Single person cannot post simultaneously

2. 500 is the starting number!

3. Team "A" has to add 5 and reach to 1000

4. Team "B" has to subtract 5 and make it 0

5. max conscutive post frm one team will be 5..... ENJOY



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Re: Team 'A' vs Team 'B'

I'm not sure I understood the rules fully, but I'm adding my name to team A,

so that makes us 505?


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Re: Team 'A' vs Team 'B'

FYI: I locked this topic. These kinds of pointless posts add nothing to the forum conversation and are just used to drive post counts up. I know this is off-topic, but we also don't want the forum overrun by meaningless posts.

I am sure you understand :D

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