KingsCrusher Vs ChessNetwork




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KingsCrusher Vs ChessNetwork

Hello everyone.
I just contacted both KingsCrusher and ChessNetwork over youtube, and asking them how much money it would have to be in the pricepot in order for them to play a best of 3 match, and then i'm not talking about 5 minute games, i'm talking about 2 hour each games.

None of them have responded yet, so you might ask yourself why did i create this thread, well it's because i would like to ask you if there is any interest of them playing, would you watch the stream? (I will try to get a commentator to comment through the match).

And also, would anyone donate for the price pot for the winner?

If this happens, I will also donate quite a lot, I'm not talking about all of you donating 100$, if you would like to donate 1$ to this, perfect!

I will try to donate a lot of myself, depending on how big the price pot is, i want to you guys take this seriously, I'm not just another boy trying to get attention, nor stealing your money - All money donated will go through paypal, so i don't need any of that kind of info.

But before we even think more of this, let's see what they both respond.

Please note that i created this thread before the answered me because i would like to show them that there is people really interesting on this FRIENDLYFIGHT!

And also, this is not a match to see who wins over who, this is only a friendlyfight, for everyone to watch and enjoy.

Please write in the comment section bellow what you think about this idea.

Thank you for reading.

PS. If this would take place, would you thinking of donating?



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Re: KingsCrusher Vs ChessNetwork

I would think it silly for them to stake their fan base against each other

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