Post Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:06 pm

Incredible String Band

For those seeking grace and peace of spirit, ISB (Incredible String Band) is a marvellous and very peculiar band.
They gather inspiration from the forest and the elements of nature, using many different instruments to reach our soul in many many beautiful ways.
These are songs not for the common ear, as one must be able to throw himself at the songs to receive their blessing.
Here are some pieces of their spirit:

Secret Temple

The Circle is Unbroken

You Get Brighter

Sailor and The Dancer

Air (read this video description if you hear the song)

Empty Pocket Blues

Maker of Islands

Dumb Kate (nice for dancing!)

Glancing Love (finishing with love)

If you're going to listen, please turn your lights off, relax - let the light enter you. ^^
Brazil community's rocketeer!