Post Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:14 am

The "War on Drugs" is a total failure.

While this should be fairly obvious to anyone investigating it, I think that this presentation given by a former top DEA agent to Google explains it all quite well. also has a large listing of studies demonstrating the terrible outcomes of the current prohibition policies worldwide.

In summary, the actual results of the "War on drugs" has been the following:

- No decrease in addiction rates over the decades preceding the "drug war".

- No decrease in the availability of prohibited drugs.

- A serious decrease in civil liberties, both by way of choice reduction (marijuana for example has numerous legitimate medical uses) and by denying people due process by way of pre-trial asses seizure.

- A serious reduction in the amount of genuine crimes (rape, murder, theft, etc.) being solved.

- A reduction in the amount of resources available to housing and/or rehabilitation genuine criminals, as well as a reduction in resources available for other social spending, such as rehabilitation, schools, and other governmental services.

- The spread of criminal knowledge and behaviour, as drug users are housed with violent and/or skilled criminals while the potential of getting an honourable job is subsequently decreased by virtue of a criminal record and less job experience.

- An increase in police corruption, both by a desire to convict drug users to make the "war" look good, and also by way of the profits to be made by individual police taking bribes and/or stealing from drug users and/or dealers.

- Prevention of research into the potential benefits of certain drugs, such as marijuana, LSD, and other psychedelics.

- An increase in drug-related violence, as drug profits are pushed into criminal hands.

- An increase in drug-related deaths, as quality control and standardization is lacking.

The above is not my personal opinions as much as it is the findings of hundreds of good studies on the issue. If anyone reading this post doesn't agree with the statements above I ask you to research the subject for yourself, as this "War" is having brutal effects from societal and an economic perspectives.