why no quiz




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why no quiz

why no daily quiz is conducted..??
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Re: why no quiz

That's a good question



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Re: why no quiz

wanna know too D:



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Re: why no quiz

Cause to find answer on a question it's about 30 seconds ^_^



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Re: why no quiz

But will be interesting, if administration make daily quizzes with some checkmate in 2 moves for people wit rating 0-1600, 3 moves for 1601-1800, 4 moves 1801-2000 and 5 moves for 2001+. May be better will be to make 2 and 3 moves everyday, but 4 and 5 moves 1 time at 2 days, to give more time. Of course people same can cheat, like in questions, but people like me will try to solve this problems and some time's get cubits for this.)) It will be nice.)

Also interesting, to make some big base with problems, for solving human will get cubits. 2 moves (some 1000 problems) for 1 solving 20 cubits, 3 moves (same 1000 (may be more)) for solving 40 cubits, 4 moves for solving 80 cubits, 5 moves for solving 150 cubits. and 6-7-8 moves same more and more prize and add some hard problems, too with rewarding. It will help to grow up people with interest and they will spend more time on chesscube.com )))



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