September is ChessCube XP month!



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September is ChessCube XP month!

Hot off the heals of "I love ChessCube month" in July and the "Best players in ChessCube (CCCC & CCIC) month" in August, comes "ChessCube XP month" in September!

Last month we launched our new XP/Level system, and to celebrate it - in September we'll be looking for our XP Champions!

Here's how it will work:
At midnight on September 1 - we will take a snapshot of everyone's XP amount, and at the end of each Sunday at 23:59 GMT we will award the top 3 XP gainers.
The prizes for the weekly top 3:
1st - 30 Crowns + 1 week VIP
2nd - 20 Crowns + 1 week VIP
3rd - 10 Crowns + 1 week VIP

We will also see who the top 3 users are who gained the most XP during September. This will be calculated from September 1 at 00:00 GMT and 30 September at 23:59 GMT.
The prizes for the month:
1st - 150 Crowns + 1 month VIP
2nd - 100 Crowns + 1 month VIP
3rd - 50 Crowns + 1 month VIP

Remember - You get XP by performing actions on ChessCube:
  • Completing your profile (register)
  • Playing a rated game (irrespective of the result)
  • Playing in tournaments
  • Getting your rating past the next '100' level, e.g. from 1400's - 1500's (once-off per level)
  • Getting your rating above 2000 (once-off)
  • Beating a player 100+ rating points above you
  • Finishing in the top 3 in a tournament
  • Adding more friends
:happy-partydance: Remember, ChessCube VIP users gain double XP on all items! :happy-partydance:

BONUS: ChessCube XP Tournaments!

As promised, we will also launch the ChessCube "Club 150" and "Club 250" Warzone Tournaments.
There are 8 "Club" tournaments each day - free entry in all of them!
Click here for info on the ChessCube XP Tournaments.

ANOTHER BONUS: Earn XP by being active in the ChessCube Forums!
This month only! Earn XP by writing qualifying posts in the forum...
Qualifying posts - a worthwhile post that will benefit a conversation/question/idea/complain/compliment forum thread.
We will not award XP for posts such as:
"Me too"
"I agree"
You get the idea :).

Each qualifying post will earn you 5 XP - which will be rewarded once per week (every Tuesday).

[Update] - The winners of Week 1 have been announced here.

We hope you enjoy September and ChessCube XP month as much as we will :)
-The ChessCube Team
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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!

I hope to be in the top 3 players



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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!

I think that Chesscube XP month is a great idea and i will try my best to win some prizes.



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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!

I hope to be in the top 3 players
and cross 2000 :)



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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!

ya its great month because xp player can get some benefits from this month which earlier not given by chesscube
chesscube rocks :)



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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!

Nice one from CC,this is really rocking..!!:) Thanks sean..!!! Good luck everyone..!! (y)
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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!


i am very much grateful to Chesscube...as it is doing great service/help to people/employees(working as Senior Branch Manager in a Public Sector Bank in INDIA).People like me do not have much time to play chess though we are addicts to chess.
Whenever i sit before Computer(late in the night)...I first log on to Chesscube....play a game or two...then only i go to bed with peace of mind...getting ready to face the hectic schedule the next day....!!!

Thank you Chescube....




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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!

entering in free tourneys for xp eventhough we know that we will be offline at the tournament start time comes under xp sandbagging!?;)



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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!

:dance: good for us


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Re: September is ChessCube XP month!

i like the idea about giving xp's for forum :d
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