What is a ChessCube Moderator?




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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?

i want to be a moderator i am a honest chess cube player that will help anywhere i can i will make cc a better site for chess players to do their thing, please give me a chance and i will prove myself!
Thank you
:) =d



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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?

chess cube moderator is the player who should have talent of chess as well as a quality of honesty, maturity and helping naure. :clap:



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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?



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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?

ripley2 wrote:(forgot to mention i'm a woman in it....) ;)

:S What does you having to be a woman have anything to do with it? 70% of the Moderators are male. :-d

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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?

hello sir, I am a big fan of chess ... i wanted to become a moderator ... I never cheated any one.... i am a member since 2009..thank you
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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?




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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?

that soounds good a good citizen=moderator
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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?

who waste time more in cc #mod :pray:



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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?

:dance: :dance: :dance: Hooray for mods!



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Re: What is a ChessCube Moderator?

minichess wrote:who waste time more in cc #mod :pray:

lol funny... =d
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