Need help? Look here first!



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Re: Need help? Look here first!

Good evening,

retiforyou wrote:
Sansen wrote:
ihvan wrote:i cant log in, am stuck on stage 2, been trying for sometime now, HELP!!


Couple of pointers:
  • Make sure you have the latest flash player installed
  • Clear your browser cache/history
  • Restart your pc
  • Try again
  • Try through another internet browser e.g chrome,firefox,internet explorer..


Do you think I can devote my entire day to a Chesscube login?

Actually, here's an even better question, and I'll make it a multiple choice so you'll have a better chance of GETTING IT!

1) A normal guy with a normal PC and a Chesscube acount tries logging into Chesscube. Like me, he gets stuck on Stage 2. This is
a) Clearly his fault for not having the latest version of Flash installed, or an excessive cache size, or not having restarted his computer before attempting a CC login.
b) Obviously his fault, since Adobe is just so shy about announcing their Flash upgrades. Clearly he needs you to tell him when an upgrade to Flash is available, as he'll never get one otherwise.
c) YOU'RE problem, since your job is to run this business, and you are loaded down with IT types. If you present a website, shouldn't you make sure people can log on to it?
d) Can you even see the patent absurdity of the excuses you make for yourselves?

Here's the standard: If they can see your website, they should be able to log on to it. If their browser is so defective, they'll never get to it in the first place. You telling someone to have his PC checked is like a clothing store owner telling someone to have his feet checked because he can't get in the door. But his feet were obviously sufficient to walk him over to the store, such that he could look into the window and see something that prompted him to enter it.

What other store proprietor blames his customers? "It's your fault you can't carry that 12-pack of coke, ma'am. You should have taken a cart at the door." That statement would cost some dumbass clerk his job. What he _should_ say is, "let me help you, ma'am. I'll get you a cart." Because he's nice? No. Because he's at work.

If you think that the management of a quite a big server is easy, just try it and make one yourself. If you would know something about this you would just shut up and be kind to the people that are trying best to help other people.

First thing, if you just take random talks and make it look like someone is bad you can do your collages and make them look evil but it will not help your cause.

Servers go down as any other computer, electric failures are common in all parts, and if the game server or one of the game servers is down due to some circunstances and it is the one that should get you logged you just wait them to correct it. Which will not take a lot of time.

One point is that normally the servers that you/we use are not where chesscube is located but are hired in another nation or to another enterprise. If they have problems there is nothing chess cube staff can do about it.

If you think that they have a grudge against you then think like that but I think that you will not get an answer for an idiotic statement or question.

Regards Xabier.

PS: I am not chesscube staff, if I have sounded harsh on you I want to sound like that today since it just passed the line.



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Re: Need help? Look here first!

I cant log in, stuck at "loading 100%"there, where u see" play free chess, play live tournament, win cubits, fair play checking, monthly membership...". i hav no idea what to do!!



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Black screen aften login

Two weeks ago, I got a new laptop. I played chesscube without problems, but yesterday my problem started: After login I have only a black screen, and I can not play :( I can play chesscube on other computers, so I think my account is ok.

I really hope, someone can help me - please.

Thanks from



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Re: Need help? Look here first!

I can't log in. It stuck at "Logging in stage 2 of 2 (0%). After some minutes it transfered me to page:

Error unavailable

Sorry the service you are requesting is not available.



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Re: Need help? Look here first!

i am not able to login with facebook .... please help ... as a result , i have made a new id
8-( X0(



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Re: Need help? Look here first!

Not able to login using facebook.


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Re: Need help? Look here first!

see fb seting are cc aplication lock
2. Email validate on cc theo no need to open facebook



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Re: Need help? Look here first!

I am trying to figure out what the notifications mean that I get when I log in. There is a small number associated with my inventory icon on the left hand side of my home page after I log in. When I click on the number, I get my inventory but I cannot see what has changed every time. What does it mean? Email response to me, please. thanks. :doh: :doh:



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what is it ?

Answer, please anybody ?



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Re: Need help? Look here first!

it reminds you that you have something not viewed by you in your inventory
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