what about smartphones cc application?




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what about smartphones cc application?

Many famous and great social networks had made their own application on mobile phones and smartphones.... I think that Chesscube has to be among these websites wich run on mobiles! Why chesscube app?
First: chesscube is better than many other chess sites wich are more famous and i've noticed that some phones apps are able to attract more fans...
Second: some people cannot keep logged in cc via their pc's even if they have free time (outside of homes, or holidays..)
three: some users want to keep logged in for the hole day!!!!
I don't know if the site already works on some special smartphones or not, and i hope you inform us if any cc project exists.... ;)



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internet explorer problem

Hi all
My internet firefox forever crashing?if you have informations about this problem, please help me.
Thank you.


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Re: what about smartphones cc application?

cc not for mobile.

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