Having problems with lag?




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Re: Having problems with lag?

THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!! that was really helpful ;)



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Re: Having problems with lag?

How can I refresh, is it enuf to just press f5?? I mean it doesnt seem to work



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Re: Having problems with lag?

I regret, I do not understand what exactly you mean by "Your message contains too few characters" :( . Instead allowing me to express myself and provide a feed back, it is most unfortunate during the preview stage the interruption made and I am not allowed to submit. The freedom of expression thus snatched.



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Re: Having problems with lag?

I don't have lag problmes. I have total disconnection problems. The problem is not at my end.


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Re: Having problems with lag?

Thank you for informing as, but: would be appropriate for this to translate from the moderators in their official rooms in forum of CC , in their official language, I thing it is not good that the role of moderatorve to be banned only,or direct information to users of CC. I know and I am sure that many users don't know English so well, and this would be a welcome step for these users of this site

I can write, only when I'm online in chesscube forum...!



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Re: Having problems with lag?

thanx alot i knw somani but i dont knw boardcoordinates off ahahahaha now i of it



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Re: Having problems with lag?

BRAVO!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :dance:



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Re: Having problems with lag?

Thanks a very nice job :clap:

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