How to watch a non-friend game?




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How to watch a non-friend game?

I want to ask on how to watch a non-friend current game. I can't watch him even we are on the same room/channel because the list is only showing about 100 out of 1000+ people in that room. Thanks a lot!



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Re: How to watch a non-friend game?

Hi A-stupid_Kid,

It's too hard to find a person's live game whose name is not showing in room's people list and also not added in your friendlist if you want to watch his/her live games then the best way is that you have to add him/her into your buddy list...Or only there are one way left to search his/her name in rooms to see his/her game..by "live games" tab.

These are some tips to watch a game of non-friend person(who is not added in your friendlist)...

1. From the "live games" Tab in a room(top right corner side):-

a. Click on the “live games” tab in the top right corner of the chatroom (besides the people list)
b. Scroll to the game you want to watch, and click on it to join..

2.you have to search his/her name in rooms then clik on icon(with board and binoculars) besides his/her name.

2. Click on Watch tab then click on "top 10 games"(see if his/her game on the list )

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