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multiple ratings

Hi, currently, there is two ratings, one for tournament, another for normal games.

But there should be one rating for bullet, one for blitz, and one for standard... It is not often that a player has same strength at all levels.

I'd like to play bullets once in a while, but I would loose all my blitz rating points if I do that.



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Re: multiple ratings

I agree with your suggestion, my friend.
I enjoy playing the many styles, but mostly I play blitz matches. I think 5 min is also blitz, although it very much depends on the site/club/game you're playing chess.
So we could have 4 ratings: Bullet, Blitz, Standard and also the Tournament rating.
It'd be very nice. :animals-dogrun:
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Re: multiple ratings

Agree with that.

For me it is not important separate tournament from general, but bullet from blitz and standard.

And of course Fischer Random chess. It is another game.



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Re: multiple ratings

I think the ratings should be divided up based on specific time controls (10sec+1sec to up to 3min NOT including 2+12sec) would be bullet; anything greater than 3min (3+2) INCLUDING 2+12sec up to 10min would be blitz; anything greater than 10min to 30min would be rapid; anything greater than 30min would be standard.

Also, a lot of people will be worried to lose the ratings that they have already. I think that chesscube should keep this rating and call it a general/quick rating. So whatever time control somebody plays it will still affect their general rating but also the more specific rating for that time control.

Also, people reading this forum, please show your support to this feature by leaving a comment of your approval and some suggestions that you have. There is a good chance chesscube will not implement this feature if we do not get more support from people.



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Re: multiple ratings

If it works don't fix it :naughty: :-d

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