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Re: Knight#06

thanks xabichess and all...
yeah xabichess you are quite right..but the answer of this puzzle will be posted after a week..

Thanks Again



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Re: Knight#06

xabichess wrote:@wincinson: 1... Kg8xNf7 is not a move black would do.

Read about my comments... I have partially refuted it with 1... Qe7xNf7 2 Re3xe6 Bd5!!

Thus that is not the move, I am starting to think that 1 Ne5xf7 is not the correct first move.

Regards Xabier.

Initially thought of Nxf7 sequence which wins the black queen regardless of whether king or queen takes the sacrificing knight, what with bishop and double rooks combination attacking the weakened e6 square and its diagonal towards king. This I believe could be the book answer to this puzzle; but after reading Xabier's refutation of Bd5 move, it all crumbles and exposes fatal threats to the white King, as pointed out in Xabier's sequences following Bd5 move.

This could mean there is another move that the solution of this puzzle offer, otherwise the complexity of this puzzle has made its author to overlook the Bd5 refutation posed by Xabier. Fully appreciate your deep and enlightening analysis, Xabier :clap:


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Re: Knight#06

Good day,

First of all thank you cubic cuber it is nice to see that someone reads what I write.

Now with the correct moves (I think/hope)
Ok, now I think I have finally seen the correct moves.

1 Ne5xf7 Now as I have said earlier in some other post 1... Qe7xNf7
Now this is the move I have changed I think that the correct attack should be 2 Ba2xe6 now people may say that this is not a good move since the rook can take the bishop and the queen is not pinned anymore. 2... Re8xBe6??

I think now we must see this move we(as white) have a queen threating g7 square then 3 Re3xRe6 now black needs to stop us from putting our rook in 7th file. which is not possible. Since move 4 Re6-Re7 is devastating for black since white would get a nice winning position. Then blacks last hope will be. 3... Nf6-d5 with this move it prevents white rooks from e7 square. But 3... Nf6-d5 is just a delay since white can just move his c-ranked pawn into c4 square and attack black knight that is defending e7 square from both white rooks. so 4 c3-c4 should end with blacks hopes to survive. Since the knight is the only piece who could defend e7 square and moving it would be losing from black and if he tries to move the rook to get defend e7 in move 5 of black after c4xNd5 the rook will not defend e8 square which could be used by white to mate in 3:
6 Re6-e8+ Qf7xRe8 8 Re1-xQe8+ Kg8-f7 9 Qh6-f8++

And I believe that this are the moves.

Now we only need to decide how to win if 1... Qe7xNf7 is not the move chosen by black but any black move seems to lose to the threat of Ba2xe6.

The moves in a short list:

1 Ne5xf7 Qe7xNf7 2 Ba2xe6!! Re8xBe6 3 Re3xRe6! Nf6-d5 (to defend e7 square) 4 c3-c4! (as listed above black resigns here.)

Regards Xabier.

PS: Doubled rooks in central columns are vital.



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Re: Knight#06

Thanks to all and speacially Xabichess....


"No mate this week but whites are forced to play tactics to get an equal position and not lose because of weak pawns: f3, g3 and h3" Because every time we get a equal position..



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