Am I Banned?




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Am I Banned?

When I try to login it takes me to Chesscube Login page and stops at 90%... why? I try to refresh the page and there comes a small page that goes from 1-100% and takes me again to chesscube login page which freezes at 90% !!!!!!!!!! (6) :( :S



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Re: Am I Banned?

Hi felder3,

No you are not banned....
Sometimes due to routine maintenance of server/slow net connection/not good net connectivity/technical problem this problem facing by users....if you have good net connection and you are still sufferning from this problem then...

Try These simple steps...
logout then....
try to clear the cookies of your browser
update your flash player..relogin
if nothing happen then try to login with different browser..
Firefox,IE,Safari are the best browsers for chesscube...
Chrome have some technical problem in these days..



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