Help 2of2 and 0%




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Help 2of2 and 0%

i have tried alot of things like diffrent webbrosers please help me!! :think:
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Re: Help 2of2 and 0%

i cant too i try Opera and Chrome and my flash player is last updeate i tink probably thet beacuse update flash and idiots have retarded game



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Re: Help 2of2 and 0%

What, seems to be your problem? You're able to login, correct?

Until a few hours ago the site was 'down' (for ~32 hours), and while
most of it is now working the rest is gradually being repaired.



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Re: Help 2of2 and 0%

Still not work atm, initializing chesscube... :doh:



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Re: Help 2of2 and 0%

no you can't log-in to the game ..

it's like this ( Logging in stage 2 of 2 and 0% )

and all you can do is watch the top 'live' game

they still working on it .. i hope



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Re: Help 2of2 and 0%

Hi to All,

many users were suffering from this problem but now the problem(server down) is solved....if you are still suffering from this problem..then

Try These simple steps to login...

try to clear the cookies of your browser with the help of ccleaner...and remove the temporary files..
update your flash player....
if nothing happen then try to login with different browser..
Firefox,IE,Safari are the best browsers for chesscube...
Chrome have some technical problem in these days..
or also check your firewall/antivirus/windows trusted page setting...



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