crown and cubits..how do they work??




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crown and cubits..how do they work??

have money in cubits in my account
i am wondering how do i cash out since my only cash out option is crowns
my next question is how do i win my friends money cos they only betting options are
cubits or is there a way to change cubits to crowns?


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Re: crown and cubits..how do they work??


Some general info you need to be aware of about crowns and cubits:

cubits: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=33

crowns: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=34

crowns is the only chesscube currency that could be cashed out, this is all mentioned in the links above. (500 crowns = $50)

You cannot however bet (wager) crowns when playing games, only cubits could be used when playing a rated game.

In order to play a wagered game, click on the "play" tab, and make sure the game is rated, you will find a drop down menu with the amount of cubits to be wagered, for a more detailed overview, please see the image below.
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Re: crown and cubits..how do they work??

Hi, can ı ask a question? ı wanna win real money.,can you help me on this topic? how can ı do that , ı wanna make money my cubits.,



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Re: crown and cubits..how do they work??

slymnkrktt wrote:Hi, can ı ask a question? ı wanna win real money.,can you help me on this topic? how can ı do that , ı wanna make money my cubits.,

Hi slymnkektt,

ChessCube Crowns is the second Cube currency, a more serious currency that will earn you real MONEY & enable you to enter special tournaments with better prizes than cubit tournaments and to unlock items in the store.and one more thing you cannot exchange Cubits for Crowns.
well only crowns are cashable...

Yes, you can now cash out Crowns! :dance:

Terms & Conditions of cashing out:

1. The minimum amount required to withdraw is 1000 Crowns (1000 Crowns = $100)
2. ChessCube will only cash out to the PayPal account the user has supplied with.
3. The transaction may take up to 72 hours to complete.
4. ChessCube will not be responsible for any further support once PayPal has notified you that the payment has been made.
5.If you do not claim your payment within 30 days of PayPal notification the amount will be transferred back to ChessCube and you will forfeit your right to it.
6. There is a transaction fee of $5 imposed by PayPal on each withdrawal.


Crowns cash out functionality suspended now>>> viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3050


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