Cinema not working for me




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Cinema not working for me

Hi, I am new here.

I purchased a couple of video from the store for CC cinema. However i cannot seem to download the CC cinema program.
Yes i have tried re-installing Adobe AIR. Yes I have disabled my windows firewall. Nothing works. The persistent message is that "an download error has occurred. Try to download again ?" even when I already have Adobe AIR installed.

Help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks




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Re: Cinema not working for me

go to cinema >>login with ur id at http://www.chesscube.com/register/cinema and press download.
The application installation runs,and later press save and save the cinema file[also select desktop shortcut option],now open cc cinema and login with ur Id,also u can go to libary from cinema to purchase more.

The most common things that are errors are net connection,firewall

For Firewall >>go to start and type firewall,and it shows a thing allow program through firewall.
Press it and select chage settings and select cc cinema from the installation folder,now reinstall cc cinema[reboot is prefered],it shall work,it would connect to net,this worked for me,maybe for u.


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