horror games




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horror games

Hello guys,Do you like to play Horror Games?
I like to play horror games so much.I wanna to play some horror games,KIndly suggest me some good horror games.
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horror games

Anyone know of any good horror games with interesting storylines?

Doom 3
Call of Cthulhu: DCoTE

Those are some of the games that I can think of that I played. Trying to find ones with interesting storylines rather than bam, bam, oh? Zombies?



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hello,newbie here,greeting from NY

Its my first time to post on this forum,just wannat make some friends here.if its not allowed to post on this board,please delete this thread.Nice to see you guys here.:)



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Re: horror games

get amnesia dark descent it has a interesting story and is quite freaky, you can also get both penumbra overture and penumbra black they have great story and horrifying atmosphere with freaky monsters but of course in both amnesia and penumbra series you have to run away from enemies theres no fighting back against them so have fun sneaking away from them or running away from them



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Re: horror games

I am also so interested in these horror games, but can anyone suggest any Horror game which we can play in person instead online or on a mobile.

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