A Feature I would Love




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A Feature I would Love

Thanks to my not-so-great internet I've lost a few games on time which are completely drawn. I want a way to be able to fairly force a draw with certain conditions. Nothing makes me angrier on Chesscube than losing on time (especially when I have 20+ seconds) because my opponent decided he wanted to abuse my internet connection.

What I would love is a way to force a draw in completely drawn endgames.

Perhaps the game could be automatically declared a draw under certain conditions.

For example a draw could be forced with the following conditions met:
- One player loses on time
- The difference in material between the players is enough to force checkmate.***
- No piece has been captured or pawn moved for a certain no. of moves (perhaps 15-20?)

*** Say White loses on time and the other conditions are met, if it was White's K+R vs Black's K+R+R then White would lose, but if it was White's K+R vs Black's K+R then it would be a draw.



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Re: A Feature I would Love


Unfortunately the features you suggested cannot be addressed. I would suggest you play longer time controls if you happen to lose on time often.


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