Incorrect Cubits Awarded (Or not being awarded)



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Incorrect Cubits Awarded (Or not being awarded)

When a user reports incorrect Cubits awarded, usual explanations for Cubit problems are:

Cubit Update lag:
At times, the site takes a while to award the correct Cubits based on the outcome of the game. We are working to improve the time taken on Cubits being awarded correctly.

Alternatively, you may have found a bug. Please send us the game:
1. Click on your avatar, then "My Games";
2. Navigate to the game with the rating problem;
3. Click on "PGN" on the far right;
4. Click on "Copy to Clipboard";
5. Paste the PGN into an email, and send it to us.

Remember to be sure to double check the game invite screen or the dot color when playing games. You may have accepted a 2000 Cubit wager game without realizing it, and then wonder where your Cubits have gone :).

Feel free to post any Cubits bugs, comments or suggestions in this thread. All content will be monitored by the Community and Moderators.

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Re: Incorrect Cubits Awarded (Or not being awarded)




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Re: Incorrect Cubits Awarded (Or not being awarded)

saikiran1651 wrote::clap:

happily, i didt have this prob yet =d =d
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Re: Incorrect Cubits Awarded (Or not being awarded)

thanks =D

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