Rating inflation?




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Re: Rating inflation?

well, now that my rating is 2167, I do the same thing that I did back then, now it's around 20~21 players (higher than me amongst the 100 that I can see).

i was 1950ish back then, i would go into Cube Cafe and count the number of people that are rated above me (i can only see 100 players), i did it many many times, the average was around 25.

now i am 2100, i do the same thing, the average is still around 25.

Can you please give us percentile ranking chesscube?!



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Re: Rating inflation?

as online chess ratings can only be compared within the site they are produced in and has not very much to do with FIDE ratings or so, where's the problem?



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Re: Rating inflation?

3 years back my rating 1366 in chesscube id goodknight and now my rating 2600 id saikiran 1651 :)

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