ChessCube Team Tournament 2 - 2013 | Info



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ChessCube Team Tournament 2 - 2013 | Info


Welcome to the ChessCube Team Tournament 2!

CCTT-2 will see ChessCube 16 teams battle out in the ChessCube Team Tournament this October- where one team will have bragging rights for being the best team on ChessCube!

CCTT-2 will run from October 1 2013 to October 27 2013. (Not confirmed yet - but it should be these dates)

Tournament info - link coming soon.
Tournament schedule - link coming soon.
Tournament Teams - link coming soon.
Tournament Groups - link coming soon.

1 - A team captain
2 - A team name
3 - Minimum 5 team members (4 players, 1 reserves), Max 7 (4 players, 3 reserves)
4 - No members that are cheats/abusers
5 - All members must be ChessCube VIP
6 - A FULL understanding of the rules & info as described in the "Tournament Info" link above.

---Entries are now closed---

Team captains are VERY important for the CCTT. You will be responsible for finding players, making sure they're online and ready to play at the time of a match, making sure they understand the rules AND making sure they are not cheaters/engine users. Your entire team will be disqualified if one of the players cheats, so you should be willing to call players (normally or through Skype/ChessCube), find their REAL names and be comfortable that they are legitimate (e.g. don't put anyone on your team who you cannot find out information about). So, there is some work involved with being a team captain!

Please reply to this post with the following information:
* Your General & Tournament Bullet Rating
* Your timezone
* Your username

PLEASE PICK ME!! I want to play!
- General - 1769 / Tournament - 1825
- GMT+2
- Sean

If you're not VIP - ask a team mate or team captain to sponsor you with a VIP account before the tournament starts. Alternatively - you can purchase a VIP account yourself :)

Winning team:
Each team member (4 players + 3 reserves) will win 300 Crowns each PLUS 6 month VIP extension per member + 10,000 Cubits per member.

Each team member (4 players + 3 reserves) will win 150 Crowns each PLUS 3 month VIP extension per member + 5,000 Cubits per member.

Each team member (4 players + 3 reserves) will win 15,000 Cubits each PLUS 1 month VIP extension per member.

Captains prizes:
The captains of the top 3 teams will receive the same prizes as the players - whether or not the Captain has played at all. Captains who don't get into the top 3 will be rewarded with 5,000 Cubits.

Good luck everyone :)

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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :clap: :clap: :clap: waiting for dates and shedules



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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info


I'd like to be part of a team if possible.

General: 2224
Tournament: 2053
Nick: lemming_bcn
UTC/GMT +2 hours (Barcelona, Spain)



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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info

I would love to be a part of team!
General: 2155
Tournament: 2051
GMT -5 (Eastern Ontario, Canada)


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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info

my team would be all drinkers..beer for me, beer for you.. beer for all.. :music-headbanger: :music-deathmetal:
i am not made like anyone i have seen. i dare believe that i am not made like anyone in existence.. if i am not better.. at least i am " DIFFERENT " ..



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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info

Pick me, I'm go0o0o0d (h)

My current ratings are ----> General - 2308
Tournament - 2056


P.S. - I'm not a VIP, so while you're at it, gift me VIP (e)
Everybody is a genious, as long as you don't judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree. B)



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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info

My general rating 2199
My tournament rating 2031



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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info

General: 1977
Tournament: 1977
GMT -5 (Eastern Ontario, Canada)
Highest General Rating: 2003

Can i please join a very good team?



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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info

Can I please join a team?
Thanks!!!! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:



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Re: ChessCube Team Tournament 3 - 2013 | Info

I would like to be picked up and to join in. :)

General Rating: 2027
Tournament Rating: 1935
GMT: +2:00 (Sofia, Bulgaria)

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