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ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

Hi everyone,

Here's the changelog for ChessCube V6.33 going out today:

1 - Seek Preferences Box:
-Changed the Seek Preferences box with new labels showing the Game Prize Options for VIP members. The game fee for non-VIPs are +15 Cubits for all types.


2 - Do Not Disturb:
- Users on DND (Do Not Disturb) will now not receive invites to join tournaments.

3 - User Generated Tournaments:
- We've added functionality for all VIP users to create their own Warzone or Round Robin tournaments on ChessCube! Here's how it works:

Creating a tournament:
All VIP users will now have a "Create Tournament" link on the tournament window. From here you can choose to create either a Round Robin or Warzone tournament.


Completing the tournament setup:
Once you have completed the information required to create the information required to start the tournament, you can then create it. Creating the tournament will automatically enter you in your own tournament, and the entry fee will be taken off your Cubits balance.

Inviting friends to your tournament:
Once you have created your tournament, the tournament window will open and you will be able to invite your online friends from the "Invite Friends" option in the top-right of the window. Also - if your tournament is starting soon, your friends will see your tournament in the new "FRIENDS" button of the tournaments menu.

* When creating a Round Robin tournament - keep in mind that they will all be 5 round tournaments - with a minimum of 5 players - maximum 6. All Warzone tournaments will run if there's a minimum of 3 players.

* If you need help with the rules of a Warzone tournament (points system, multiplier, handicaps, etc) - please look at the Warzone Tournament forum post.

* ChessCube controls the entry fees and prizes for tournaments. At this time - only Cubit entry fees and Cubit prizes are allowed. The list of entry fees vs prizes are:
Entry Fee - 50 Cubits:
Prizes - 1st: 75 Cubits, 2nd: 50 Cubits, 3rd: 25 Cubits
Entry Fee - 100 Cubits:
Prizes - 1st: 200 Cubits, 2nd: 125 Cubits, 3rd: 75 Cubits
Entry Fee - 200 Cubits:
Prizes - 1st: 450 Cubits, 2nd: 275 Cubits, 3rd: 175 Cubits
Entry Fee - 500 Cubits:
Prizes - 1st: 1,200 Cubits, 2nd: 750 Cubits, 3rd: 450 Cubits

As mentioned - this option is available for all VIP members as soon as ChessCube V6.33 has launched. We hope you enjoy this release. We'll be looking at who the most popular tournament creators are in a ChessCube competition soon ;)

Sean & The ChessCube Team
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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

nice :) (h)



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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

Creating tournament has the vital importance for us who are not able to cope with
chess players in short time.

Thanks a lot.



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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

What is awesome. Thanks ;)



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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

thanks a lot



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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

its good and encouraging.
win ratio to earn cubits can be relaxed more. :clap: :-d



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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

:naughty: :violin:



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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

thank you :dance:



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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

how do I download the v6.33 changelog to my browser?



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Re: ChessCube V6.33 Changelog

really good to see such changes after a long time :dance: :clap: :-d

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