50 move rule on chesscube?




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50 move rule on chesscube?

Anyone know If chesscube enforces the 50 move rule (game is deemed a draw if no captures or pawn moves are made in 50 moves) I had a game recently where I was low on time and got a draw because my opponent ended up repeating the position 3 times so I got a threefold repetition draw instead. But I wasn't sure if chesscube enforces the 50 move rule (never got that far in a drawn endgame yet) anyone know?


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Re: 50 move rule on chesscube?

Yes, we have that rule.



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Re: 50 move rule on chesscube?

i just played a dude in a 10sec + 1sec game and we got down to a king and rook vs king and rook ending. i offered as many draws as i could but he declined and kept playing. we played for 300 moves or so before repetition kicked in. this was just stupid and there was nothing i could do


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Re: 50 move rule on chesscube?

Good evening ironmaiden18,

There is nothing you can do about a person don't wanting a draw in a drawn position. Specially in bullet games anything could happen. Although I suppose that in that game the draw has gotten after the 50 move rule, I suppose either of you had a pawn moving or just moved for some a lot of moves. There is nothing you can do for your oponent to take the draw if he doesn't wish to. I would just take the draw but not everyone does that when they think they can win by time if it is 10+1.

You must think that in other chess sites the 50 move rule or the 3 move repetition does not apply and there can be very long games.

Regards Xabier

PS: Edited afterwards (I have just seen the game you have played against songsong I don't get why you don't drawed 160 moves earlier since it was a clear draw position. Both of you missed draws by exchanging rooks several moves earlier, I just hope it doesn't happen again, those people should just draw the game or win in the beginning of the game without trying to win a K+R vs K+R, it is as nonsense as the other person who asked that K+N vs K or K+2N or K+B was not draw. Congrats on making one of the longest games I remember if not the longest one I have seen.)



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Re: 50 move rule on chesscube?

thats nice
i love chess

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