why cc is too heavy??




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why cc is too heavy??

why cc is too slow in my browser??
i've too refresh more than twice in my browser to log in and play in cc...

my internet connection is ok i think..
i tried to load any site other cc, they were ok but not for cc...

need advice abt it...

thanks and sorry for my bad english



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Re: why cc is too heavy??

CC is a flash based website, it requires more memory from your pc.

However you may try:
  • Playing while no other program is running
  • clearing your browser cache/history
  • Trying different browsers
  • Restarting your computer
  • Updating your flash plugin

These are just pointers that may help, do you happen to be playing from an old pc?




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Re: why cc is too heavy??

I agree with what you trying to say here, there there should be a multi pronged approach. Having the browser be able to download and run the flash is nice,

But an option of downloading an application or executable file that stays on your pc or phone and allows you to connect to the server straight is also very desirable. Downloading the full flash every time is very resource intensive.
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