ChessCube Downtime - 06 June 2011 - Resolved




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Re: ChessCube Downtime - 06 June 2011 - Resolved

bahaaspain wrote:hi sir
i noticed that my entire gam history was lost and another thing i played today two gamed .every one for 200 cubits and i won the two games but my cubits balance wasnt changed and became less than what i was having

This is temporarily. You will receive your cubits and ratings shortly.



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Re: ChessCube Downtime - 06 June 2011 - Resolved

Dear admins of chesscube, I've problem playing chess since these 2 days, when ever I try login it then continue to load with the progressive blue bar untill 100%, then nothing is happend, I even upgrade the flash player to the latest, but the problem still the same. The same problem had also happened in the past... It is something wrong with the chesscube server ?



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Re: ChessCube Downtime - 06 June 2011 - Resolved

Our servers hosts are currently moving their servers to a new location within Germany. This process should be completed around 8am GMT/UTC. Apparently someone forgot to tell their user community they were pulling the plug. :violin:

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