Having problems with lag?



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Having problems with lag?

Having problems with lag?....

problems that can occur

random time skips on the clock during games
disconnects during games
opponents move, yet your time runs out
you play your move but lose additional time
pauses and stutters during chat

The cause
its possible to have a fantastic top of the range internet connection and still experience these problems, the cause is that the flash plugin uses a lot of the core process and memory and over time eventualy starts to lag.

The solution
fear not, follow these simple tips for lag free games, REFRESH before playing in a tournement or rated games I cannot stress this enough!, dont sit in too many chat rooms while playing rated games, for instance if your in the cube cafe 1000+ at any time, beginners help 600+, and a few other rooms you can imagine the resources this will take from your plugin which over time may cause you to experience lag, so for rated games streamline a little ;)

Additional simple steps
some simple steps to help your games, click your avatar in the top bar, and choose "edit settings" if you like bullet game and warzone games, I suggest you switch your board animations to "off", this will speed up the movement of the pieces, also enable the "autoqueen".
other simple things I am sure everyone knows but I will say them here anyway, dont multitask when playing rated games, i.e. having a download running, and streaming a HD movie while playing a rated game is your choice but you want to win dont you :-d , have a look at your system settings too make sure your PC isnt in the middle of performing an online update.


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Re: Having problems with lag?

nice one mate :clap:


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Re: Having problems with lag?

great :drool:
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Re: Having problems with lag?

So interresting and gelpful :clap: :-|


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Re: Having problems with lag?

very helpful indeed



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Re: Having problems with lag?

:-P :dance: excelent one!! congratz



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Re: Having problems with lag?

helped a lot thank you ever so much :-d



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Re: Having problems with lag?

thanks dude you really helped a lot :-P



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Re: Having problems with lag?

that was helpful (h)



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Re: Having problems with lag?

chillins rocks..:D
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