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Cancel tournament

Ok, i give 50 cubits for a tournament. Then someone says to me (in real life) that i should do something at precisely that time the tournament starts. There is still 2 hours to it, but i cant get my money back. Cant you fix this bug / making a new feature that do like a cancel?


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Re: Cancel tournament

I'd also like to be able to cancel or quit tournaments. Getting my money back isn't a big deal, but I don't want to lose all the games left.



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Re: Cancel tournament

i really dont understand why we shouldnt be able to quit the tournament. dont pay money back, just allow us do that. sorry for refreshing topic, but im frustrated right now.


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Re: Cancel tournament

Good evening everyone,

As you may know you cannot quit a tournament and the cubits/crowns you have used for the entry fee are not taken back. I do not really mind it. Since I usually enter tournaments around 3 to 10 mins before those start.

Chesscube policy is that you cannot quit a tournament you have already entered. In my opinion you should just join a tournament around 5-10 min before the start of the tournament.

Once you have already joined and you do not want to play when the time comes, there are two ways to cope with that. First one is to be disconnected when the tournament starts. This way you won't make other people to waist their time, since you won't be paired against anyone unless it is a S&G in which your oponent will get a default win since you are not connected.

Second posibility it is to be connected, I suggest you to disconnect before the tournament if you are in a 5 round tournament not to lose tournament rating on purpose which I found quite lame. Other thing is the tournament is a warzone, if it is a warzone, you have the option to click pause when the window appears and you will not get any games. If you have already gotten a game you can first click pause and then resign the game fastly, just once not to make your oponent waist time.

Please do not do the latter one a lot of times. Doing it just before the daily warzone it stands out in the cheating radar if you do that just before the daily warzone and you can get banned for that. Losing rating on purpose is forbidden at chesscube. As you can see at: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=32 .

The amount of cubits you can lose for entering a tournament you don't wish to enter at max is 1000 cubits which I do not think is that much. I lost 1500 cubits once by entering 3 times a tournament when there was this huge lag by the 2nd or 3rd of July and I did just get 3 games in a 60 min warzone, in which I ended up waiting 45 mins or so for a game that did not get to me. I do not think it was that bad, I lost 1500 cubits, for 3 games. It could have been worse.

You get 45 cubits for entering the first tournament a day and you win 25 cubits for entering chesscube a day + another 30 cubits for first rated game, thus it doesn't really do that much not to be able to get bakc the cubits used for entering a tournament.

Regards Xabier.


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Re: Cancel tournament

20 Cubits wagered:
You Win: +16 cubits
You Draw: 0
You Lose: -20 cubits

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